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Happy New Year – A time for reflection

For some of us the Xmas and New Year is our quiet period when one can take time to be with our respective families and take a well earn rest.  For others, it's their peak time of the year and they would be working long hours and looking forward to a well earn rest....

time for reflection

The Power of Customer Reviews

Don't underestimate the power of customer reviews You may be a small business owner or shop owner, but you're also human – and that means you go out to eat, shop for clothes, purchase goods and other services. As consumer, you've probably read a few online reviews...

the power of customer reviews

Google Updates Nov 2019

Google Loves WordPress A while back Google identified the importance of WordPress given that it currently drives over 34% off all websites on the internet and 60.8% share in the CMS market.  Given that  Google has decided to create a new plugin for WordPress called...

Google News and Updates

Google Updates Oct 2019

There is one thing that is guaranteed on the internet is that nothing stays the same for long.  Here are some Google Updates for Oct 2019 and see if they may impact some your business. Google Adwords Google announced in September that it will no longer accept ads...

Google News and Updates